Protest against proposed modular housing in Clonmel.

A protest is now underway regarding proposals for 82 modular homes in Clonmel.

The group ‘Clonmel Concerned Residents’ are inviting locals to the main guard in the town to discuss concerns regarding the possible housing of Ukrainian refugees at the site on the Heywood Road.

The group say the government need to help the large number of Irish families without accommodation first.

They have asked Tipperary Councillors and Teachtaí Dála to attend the event, while also calling on the government to supply them with all relevant information regarding the proposal:

“The Clonmel Concerned Residents Group are requesting a list of all the buildings and sites in and around Clonmel that have been offered to house asylum seekers and refugees

“Also we would like to know how many have been accepted. And how many asylum seekers and refugees are presently accommodated in Clonmel.”

The group have been protesting at the site since the announcement of intention to create a modular village in the town, similar to that in Thurles and say they will not stop until a solution is found.