Local Councillor concerned over local authority staffing issues

Councillor Kieran Bourke. Photo from Tipperary County Council.

A local councillor says there will be delays in social housing allocations if a senior role in Tipperary County Council is not filled.

Cllr. Kieran Bourke raised the issue around the vacancy in the housing department following the retirement of Jim Dillon, stating that he was disappointed with the solution of job sharing between two current staff members.

He told Tipp FM that in the middle of a housing crisis this was unsatisfactory and said as Chair of the housing SPC he would have failed in his duty had he not raised it with the Chief Executive.

He had written to the Chief Executive, and the Director of Housing to voice his concerns, but was disappointed with the solution provided.

“It was decided that Sinead Carr Director of Housing, a very, very busy lady and Cora Morrissey equally a very, very busy lady would job share to do that job on top of their own jobs… I don’t believe that is good enough I believe in the middle of a housing crisis to cover the whole of County Tipperary that is the job for one official and there are not enough hours in the day for one person to do that.”

He says he will be looking for an update this month and if the issue persists will take it further.

“I raised it at the housing section of the budget but it was ruled out of order by the chairman and probably rightly so but I do intend to continue and raise it as a notice of motion in the December county council meeting if it is not resolved satisfactorily before then and if I am not satisfied with the as Chairman of the Housing Committee I intend to call a special emergency housing meeting to discuss the matter.”