King Charles sent official invite to visit Thurles

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, meeting members of the public in Cahir. Photo © Tipp FM

King Charles will be sent an official invite to visit Thurles.

The new UK monarch has a direct connection to the town as he is a relative of Lady Elizabeth Poyntz who lived in Blackcastle in the 1600’s.

Local Cllr. Jim Ryan has asked the tourism department to compose and issue an official invite to be sent to Buckingham Palace in light of the King’s proposed visit to Ireland this year.

Cllr. Ryan told Tipp FM that the King is likely unaware of this link, and such a visit would benefit the local economy:

“We should have an open invitation to the King to come visit Thurles to come visit his direct relative who is buried in the town and I think this would be a huge economic boost and a tourism boost for Thurles we have seen the benefits and the very positive benefits that the recent Royal visits have had on the towns of Cashel and Cahir. So I think the fact that there is a direct link between the Royal family and Thurles I think it would be a no brainer that we would invite him over here.”

Cllr. Ryan further explained the link between the families :

“She had  number of children who as I said are directly related to the Royal family, she re-married and as a matter of fact the children from her second marriage are directly related to the Spencer family , the Lady Diana family so there is that double link between the Royal family and the Lady Diana family. We are very unique that we have that connection but we haven’t been able to avail of it, really I am doing this on the basis that Thurles is crying out for tourism and this may the opportunity and kick that we need.”