Covid-19 impacts on planning applications

The restrictions in place due to Covid-19 are having an impact on planning decisions and applications in the Premier County.

Tipperary County Council’s planning staff are unable to carry out site visits or have people meet with planners.

Normally a decision on applications has to be made within 8 weeks while people have 5 weeks to make submissions.

Director of Services for Planning Eamon Lonergan says the issue of timelines for planning is very important.

“There was a Ministerial order on the 29th of March and this took into account the statutory time periods and provided for an extension of the time periods.”

“It hasn’t frozen the system it just extended the periods so that allows people greater time to make observations and their submissions and allows us in the planning section a little more time to deal with the backlogs that are coming in and do proper full formal assessments of them in making decisions.”