Tipp priest critical of return to daily ceremonies in some parishes

A local priest has criticised the decision by a Dublin parish to resume daily masses.

Fr Michael Toomey in Clonmel says it’s “completely against the guidelines” for the church in Blackrock to resume daily ceremonies.

The reopening of places of worship is included in Phase 4 of the easing of restrictions.

According to reports, 39 people were at one ceremony at The Church of the Guardian Angels, with a local priest saying that social distancing was being observed.

Fr Toomey was critical of the move when speaking on Tipp Today earlier:

“That’s completely against the guidelines, completely against what we’ve been working so hard for. And I’d hate to be speaking to you Fran in September and saying that we’re back in full lockdown again.”

Demand for online streams of local funerals has been high in recent months, with one ceremony attracting 1,400 viewers.

Fr Toomey stated: “I had a very sad funeral the other day and there were 40 people in the church. It wasn’t here in Clonmel. But over 1,400 people watched it online. When we went to the cemetery, there was a big crowd down there too, but everybody was socially distanced.”