Slow-drive protest being planned for Tipperary Town

A slow-drive protest is being planned for Tipperary Town.

March4Tipp will lead the demonstration through the town on the afternoon of the 4th of December, to show their opposition to roadworks there.

They say they’re “sick to their stomachs” at the thoughts of two more years of works on the N24, which goes right through the town.

Speaking to Tipp FM, local councillor, Ann Marie Ryan says this will be their second protest of this kind:

“We did one in Level 3 but we didn’t advertise it.

“We have planned another one for the start of December, when we’re coming out of Level 5. We couldn’t do it in Level 5 so we felt we’d wait until Level 5 was lifted and we’re hoping that there will be a good turnout on the day.

“Again, we have to work within the guidelines. So everyone will stay in their cars, there’ll be no mingling of crowds, and the Gardaí have been informed.

“But we’ll do it as safely as possible. We’re asking people to gather in their cars and to drive with us down along the N24 route.”