Ryanair says 40% of customers who had flights cancelled due to Covid have been refunded

Photo © Pat Flynn

Ryanair says it has refunded 40% of its customers whose flights were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline says its bookings have doubled since last weekend when further Covid 19 restrictions were eased across Europe.

Irish people are still advised not to travel overseas at present.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson says they’re working to get money back to those who want it.

“We are flying through refunds at the moment, we have completed about 40% of the refunds, we got about 35 million. We’ve got through about 15 million at the moment. The good news for people at the moment is that now things have opened up again, they can still use a free move for those who are going on their holidays and for those who want to keep a refund or want a refund processed, that’s going to happen over the next few months.”