RSA reveals it is not pushing mandatory NCT for all tractors

Photo © Pixabay

Farmers across Tipperary will be relieved by the news that all tractors will not need an NCT, according to News Editor of the Farmer’s Journal Amy Ford.

There had been talk since 2018 that all tractors would need to pass the National Car Test to be allowed to be used on farms.

Currently only tractors over four-years-old that reach 40km/h need to be tested.

Amy told Tipp Today that the Road Safety Authority will not be introducing this rule in the foreseeable future:

“The Road Safety Authority told the Farmer’s Journal that it is unlikely that it will
be recommending mandatory testing for farm tractors and last autumn, the
RSA was considering introducing this again.

”Basically, they told us this week that at present it is unlikely that the RSA will be recommending mandatory test inspections for agricultural vehicles and that it’s going to stick to what is currently testing which is obviously fast tractors which aren’t involved in the farm,” she said.