Roadbridge receivership leaves many employees in Tipperary in worrying situation

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The news of Roadbridge’s receivership is effecting many people in Tipperary.

The Limerick-based construction company employs over 640 people directly, with those employees now being placed in a ‘collective redundancy period’.

During this 30-day period, workers will not be paid, they won’t qualify for social protection money and they were told that if they accept an offer of another job within 30 days, they will lose their entitlement to redundancy.

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry says there is a problem with the legislation and that Ministers are now trying to solve this ‘anomaly’:

“I’ve had numerous calls from employees across Tipperary obviously very worried about the situation.

“I contacted the Minister for Social Protection, Minister Humphreys, to highlight this startling anomaly.

“The Minister is examining the possibility of giving a waiver to this clause.

“The reality is that this punitive clause adds further grief to the trauma of workers who have already lost their livelihood and income support for themselves and for their dependent families.”