Positive road updates for the village Two-Mile-Borris

Photo from Google Maps

Road safety issues at the Two-Mile-Borris Bridge have been highlighted again.

At this month’s meeting of Thurles Municipal District, Councillor Sean Ryan informed the engineers that he has received multiple calls from motorists who have run into difficulty there.

The issue comes down to the road surface on the bridge located just on the approach to Two-Mile-Borris when coming off the motorway.

Cllr. Ryan says the council will now await the T.I.I.’s instructions for what can be done for the bridge.

“It is slippy, particularly if you have to stop suddenly on the bridge or you have to slow down there. I’ve asked that the T.I.I. be contacted by the council and that the surface of the bridge itself be looked at just to make sure, particularly if you’re travelling with a heavy-goods vehicle, that it doesn’t impede your progress or that you don’t have to stop suddenly on it. So that was one of the issues, and we brought that to the attention of Transport Infrastructure Ireland, who have the overriding authority on that bridge, and hopefully we will have news on what can be done on it soon.”

During the same discussion on roads, it was confirmed €30,000 in funding has been secured by Transport Infrastructure Ireland for road resurfacing works at the entrance into Two-Mile-Borris.

Issues have been encountered when entering Two-Mile-Borris for quite some time, according to the Fianna Fail councillor.

He says these works will happen alongside other road works happening in the village this summer.

“There’s been an issue for a long time entering the village from the N75 as you come out of Thurles; that part of the road there has been cut up very, very badly. Those works will be done in tandem with the main street in Two-Mile Borris under the road works program. “It’s good news for Two-Mile-Borris.”