Novice driver detected at 162kph in Tipperary

Photo © Tipp FM

A number of motorists in Tipperary have been detected breaking the speed limit as part of a 24 hour crackdown.

The first five hours of National Slow Down Day, GoSafe checked the speed of 37,916 vehicles nationally – 127 of these were found to be travelling in excess of the applicable speed limit.

One of the highest detections was on the M8 in mid-Tipp where a car was detected at 162 kilometres per hour. The driver – a Novice – was stopped for dangerous driving and also failed a DrugWipe test for cannabis.

Also on the M8 near Cahir a vehicle was clocked at 132 kilometres per hour in a 120 zone.

The operation will continue until 7am on Tuesday.

Meanwhile drivers could face more penalty points if they are detected committing more than one offence.

The Junior Transport Minister, Jack Chambers, says he wants to address an “anomaly” in current road safety legislation.

Currently, if a driver commits two or more offences at once, then only the most serious offence is subject to penalty points.

Transport commentator Conor Faughnan does not believe it’s not the right solution.

“Every time we have a peak in road safety it gets public attention. The Minister of the day thinks of a new law because that’s something you can announce and it looks like you’re doing something about it. But in reality we’ve got a good set of laws – we need to enforce the ones we’ve got.”