Concern as Cashel traffic went wrong way on one-way system

There was traffic chaos in Cashel over the weekend with some motorists going against the one-way system at Lower Gate Street.

Works have been taking place in the area in recent days.

Local resident Kieran Fitzgerald says a lack of signage when the works were completed on Friday evening left motorists confused to say the least.

He outlined what he witnessed over the weekend to Fran Curry on Tipp Today earlier.

“There wasn’t a sign put anywhere – they took up the Yield Right of Way sign just down from my house. It wasn’t any drivers fault.”

“It was absolutely chaotic – I witnessed about 250 cars going the wrong way.”

“Before the men finished on the road I said there’s going to be chaos and one of them said that they’ll get used to it.”

Traffic lights are operating at the works again today.