Call for improved signage approaching Tipp school

Photo courtesy of Kyle Park National School

Efforts are to be made to improve safety measures on the approach to a rural school in North Tipp.

The situation at Kyle National School was highlighted at this month’s meeting of the Nenagh Municipal District with a call for the existing warning signs to be moved further back from the school.

Local Councillor Michael O’Meara is among those expressing concerns about the situation at the school near Borrisokane.

“I along with some of the parents believe that the traffic warning lights are too near the school and I’ve been asking that they be moved. The Roads Engineer has looked at the situation and it’s his belief that the lights were in an adequate location and up to proper guidelines and standards which is very, very important.

“But that said, he did say that he did say he would try and improve the situation by incorporating some better road markings and some warning signage coming up to the school.”

In the meantime Cllr O’Meara is asking motorists to exercise caution.

“By the nature of it being a rural school there’s a lot of traffic movement there in the morning and evening. We hope to get this work done in the future but in the interim time I would ask parents going to Kyle school to be very, very careful to make sure the situation there is safe.”