Call for Gardaí to shed light on spate of crashes on N24

Photo from Google Maps

A Tipperary Councillor wants to know what Garda investigations have discovered about crashes on a dangerous stretch of the N-24.

Roger Kennedy says he wants Tipperary County Council Engineers to meet with local Gardaí to see if they can shed any light on why so many crashes are happening between Tipp Town and Monard.

The Fianna Fail local representative says he then wants the council to update him at this month’s meeting on Community Safety.

“To liaise with the Gardaí before we have our Community Safety meeting so they would have some type of composite reply to give us with regard to how they’re going to deal with the safety aspects of the section between Tipperary Town and Monard because there are quite a number of safety issues there and unfortunately there have been a number of accidents there and one tragic loss of life.”

Cllr Kennedy says he realises that the Gardaí can’t give out confidential information about specific incidents but they may have discovered issues with the road that could be addressed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland to make it safer.

“I wasn’t asking them to deal with any specific one case because there may be cases pending in relation to those but that they would look at a composite result. We can look for money from TII to solve the safety issues that are critical to that stretch of road.”