McGrath: Smirk will be on the other side of Taoiseach’s gob

Photo © Tipp FM

A least one Tipperary TD is looking forward to going back into the Dáil this week.

Mattie McGrath will be happy to get a chance to say ”I told you so” to Leo Varadkar after the result of the two referenda went heavily against the government.

The local Independent says it’s clear the coalition doesn’t not know how the people of Tipperary and Ireland are feeling.

“What message does that give the establishment? They’re not listening to the people on housing, on the bankers pay, on RTE, on immigration, on health, on any issue – they know it all.

“You see their answers – flippant answers – in the Dáil. Even me last Tuesday with the Taoiseach smirking at me. I did tell him that the smirk might be on the other side of his gob when we go back – we’ll see what kind of a straight face he’ll hold.”