McGrath hits out at disruption to Dáil business for Harris coronation

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A local TD has accused Fine Gael of having a coronation for Simon Harris as Taoiseach rather than addressing key issues facing the country.

Independent Deputy Mattie McGrath says it could have taken place by now by recalling the Dáil during the Easter recess.

The leader of the Rural Independents group says the Order of Business in the Dáil this week is prioritising ceremonial proceedings over pressing national issues.

“It’s more like the Government are using this session – this whole week – prioritising ceremonial proceedings instead of addressing pressing national issues. Even with the weather and the farming and everything else. So look, the Taoiseach’s office now are spending €7 million a year on PR strategists just for spin and nothing else. So if Simon Harris thinks that he’s going to spin his way out of this hole or this morass for Fine Gael and the government he has something else coming to him.”

The writing is on the wall for Fine Gael and the coalition according to Deputy McGrath.

He says this week in the Dail will be wasted just to elect Simon Harris as Taoiseach.

“We have no Leader’s Questions this week, we have no priority questions to the Taoiseach, we have no Topical Issues, we have no actual Dáil business.

“We’re adjourned for four hours on Tuesday, we then don’t sit again Wednesday until 2 o’clock. It’s an insult to the electorate. This is all a coronation, self-congratulatory, slapping on the back. But they’re setting themselves up for a big fall and the sooner it happens the better.”