Lowry: Government completely misjudged mood of the people

Photo © Tipp FM

The €20 million spent on the weekend referenda could have been put to much better use elsewhere according to a Tipperary TD.

Both the Family and Care referendums were roundly rejected by voters in Tipperary and across the country.

The government has come in for strong criticism from many quarters over the lack of clarity in the wording of the proposals put before the people.

For his part Independent Thurles Deputy Michael Lowry says there are many other things that need to be tackled first.

“The government attempt at constitutional reform has been an abject failure. It was a waste of €20 million which should have been spent on support services for those with additional needs.

“The government and fringe groups are intent on a headlong rush for social reform, liberalisation and inclusivity.”

Deputy Lowry says their priority should be on other more pressing needs.

“This agenda is prioritised at a time when housing, health, the cost of living and the cost of doing business are not being tackled in a meaningful way.

“The Government and the main opposition parties got it wrong and completely misjudged the mood of the people. They should focus on the issues that matter to people in their daily lives.”