Kelly: Government urged to act on Supreme Court pension ruling

Photo © Tipp FM

The ruling that Tipperary man Johnny O’Meara is entitled to the widowers pension must be the catalyst for change according to a local TD.

The Supreme Court yesterday ruled in the Toomevara man’s favour after the unmarried widower took the challenge after he had previously been refused by the High Court.

Michelle Batey died in January 2021 after contracting Covid-19 – she and John O’Meara had been together for twenty years. They lived together and had three children but they weren’t married, nor had they entered into a civil partnership.

Labour TD Alan Kelly had campaigned on behalf of Mr O’Meara and is calling on the government to enact legislation to ensure that others in his situation do not have to go through this.

“I’m so happy and thrilled for Johnny O’Meara after winning his Supreme Court case. I’ve been on this journey with him for a number of years.

“He is entitled to the widows pension – his decision to take this case means that tens of thousands of people around the country will have an entitlement to a widows pension. I will bring in the legislation if necessary to make this happen but we would encourage the government to do so as quickly as possible.”