Alan Kelly says every effort should be made to form a government

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The Labour Party will listen to any approaches to enter government should the current proposals be rejected.

Members of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party are casting their votes this week on the programme for government.

In the event that this isn’t passed the Labour party is likely to be approached about entering government.

Speaking on Tipp Today party leader and Tipperary TD Alan Kelly said every avenue should be explored to form a government.

“We are a party that always aspires to go into government and anyone can judge us – whether they like us or dislike us – we have always gone in in difficult times and we have suffered electorally as a result.

“This time around there was four parties ahead of us and any three of those four can form the next government and I believe all of those combinations should be looked at.”

“And then you know if people are ringing me of course we’ll sit down and talk.”