Some Pharmacists Forced to Pull Out of Covid Vaccine Roll Out

Some pharmacists have pulled out of the scheme to administer the Covid vaccine before it’s even begun.

Following a long campaign to include pharmacists in the administration of Covid-19 injections,
Health Minister Stephen Donnelly confirmed this week that they would now have a role.

The roll out was due to begin next week, but limitiations within their critieria means that there is very little take up, forcing many pharmacies to pull out.

Speaking to Tipp FM, Fethard Pharmacists Jimmy O’Sullivan explained that pharmacists are limited to giving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine to those over 50.

He said, “It effectively means that we are hoovering up that cohort that is left, but it’s very few”

He added, “People are screaming out for the vaccine and we wwant to give it to them but we can’t”