Nenagh business man says he suffered severe symptoms when he contracted COVID in March

Denis Quirke of Denis's Meats, Nenagh

A local business owner says he never experienced a sickness like COVID before in his life.

Denis Quirke of Denis’s Meats in Nenagh said he even experienced hair loss after contracting the disease back in March.

Speaking to Tipp FM, he says he has now fully recovered but the symptoms were very severe:

“It affected my sense of smell, it affected my appetite. If you’d believe it, in over a week I dropped about 17 pounds in weight.

“I had a terrible cough with it and I spoke to my doctor and he said I definitely had COVID.

“He said, ‘I’m not sending you for the test because there’s no point in putting you through it’. I wasn’t able to go anyway – I was really thrown down with it.

“And then, would you believe, after that, I’d be having a shower every morning and my hair – I was really losing hair.”

Mr Quirke was forced to close his business for a few weeks as a result, but says that thankfully they were able to make up for it once he recovered and they reopened.

However, he says the disease did take a long time to fully shake:

“I’ll tell you, I never experienced anything like it. You’d be very, very tired for the couple of months after having COVID. Your energy would just go and I remember one Friday I just had to get home to lie down for an hour.

“But that hour did me, and after that then I seemed not to need that rest as often and I’m back [to normal] now.”