War of Independence grenade discovered in West Tipp

The Army Bomb squad has been dispatched after a 100-year-old grenade was found in West Tipp.

A hand grenade which is thought to date from the War of Independence has been found near the monument at Solohead this morning

It was discovered this morning by Tipperary County Council staff who were carrying out road repairs.

The area has been sealed off by Gardai until the Army E-O-D team can make it safe.

Tipperary local Historian Niamh Hassett says this find could be of huge historical significance and should be saved for posterity if possible.

“Given its significance – and I understand safety has to come first – but if it were possible to decommission this grenade rather than destroy it as would be the normal practice I think it would be a wonderful historic artefact for Tipperary to have.”