Many Tipperary festivals in doubt due to coronavirus

Photo from Thurles Halloween Arts Festival Facebook page

A decision has yet to be made on whether this years Thurles Halloween Arts Festival will be going ahead.

A number of events across Tipperary have had to be cancelled or postponed this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social distancing is one of the obvious issues but Councillor Jim Ryan – who is one of the organisers of the Thurles festival – says finance is also a concern.

“Our funding is going to be down dramatically – we’ve been unable to have church gate collections or street bucket collections.”

“So there’s huge concern out there amongst all the committees that run festivals of funding and what’s going to be available to them over this year and next year and I did ask the Council to see if extra funding could be provided to keep those festivals and arts groups going.”

“They’re vitally important to the economy of Tipperary so I think it’s a no brainer really to try and keep them going and try and find finances for them at a time that they badly need them.”