Local inspector urges caution on our roads this Bank Holiday

Stock photo © Pat Flynn

People in the county are being reminded to be cautious on our roads today.

Inspector James White from Thurles Garda Station is encouraging people to enjoy themselves today but to be wary when out cycling, walking or driving with the current weather conditions.

With the sun lying low the visibility around corners and glare on the road could cause a fatality.

His advice is to give any pedestrians or cyclists space and wear sunglasses while driving.

A local inspector is reminding people of the dangers of drink and drug driving this Bank Holiday weekend.

HE also says that while people may want to celebrate after the past two years there is no excuse for driving under the influence.

He is reminding people that even the following day the substance can remain in your system and will be detected in any roadside test.

Inspector White is asking people to think about the consequences of these actions before getting behind the wheel:

“If convicted in a district court you will face a mandatory disqualification for anything up to four years  off the road, ask yourself how can I provide for my family, how can I function, how can I gain employment and hold down a job if I am disqualified. So, slow down and never ever drink and drive.”