Local family to meet Taoiseach and HSE CEO to discuss autism resources

Photo courtesy of Deputy Alan Kelly

A local TD will facilitate members of the Darmody family in meetings with the Taoiseach and HSE CEO.

Deputy Alan Kelly will be bringing Cara Darmody, an autism campaigner from Ardfinnan, and her dad Mark to meet separately with both Taoiseach Leo Vradkar and with the CEO of the HSE, Bernard Gloster, over the next week.

She is due to meet with the Chief Executive of the HSE tomorrow, and the Taoiseach next week.

Cara Darmody, on behalf of her two brothers who have austism, has long been advocating for more resources and accessible assessments of needs in Ireland, including cross-party support that forced a change in policy from Minister Anne Rabbitte.

Deputy Kelly says the meetings are more important than ever because of Minister Rabbitte’s commitment.

“I’m delighted to be bringing the Darmody’s, Cara and her dad, to meet the Chief Executive of the HSE to get a full update on where we are at considering Minister Rabbitte’s commitment made in the Dáil that unless Regional Units were open by the 1st of August that all assessment of needs would be paid for by the State, whether public or private, and to also talk through a whole range of other issues relating to services for people with autism.”

Deputy Kelly firmly believes Cara has the ability to enact change in both the government and HSE.

“Next week, we will be meeting the Taoiseach, who agreed to my request, to meet with the Darmody’s again in relation to the overarching issues around autism and, again, to go through the commitment made by Minister Rabbitte. So, I’m delighted these two meetings are taking place, and I’ve no doubt that Cara, in particular, will have a huge impact on both of these people to ensure that the issues relating to people with autism are to the fore in the minds of not just the government but also the HSE.”