Kelly supports changes to vaccine rollout for 60-70 year old cohort

The Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh.

Labour leader Alan Kelly is calling for the Covid-19 vaccination rollout to be altered for people aged between 60 and 70.

This week, Tipp Today has heard from many people in that age group who’ve received their first Astra Zeneca jab but must wait 12 weeks for their second.

The concern has been heightened following a new UK public health study which shows the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are not as effective against the Indian variant after just one dose.

Tipperary deputy Kelly is calling for the most vulnerable people to have their second dose of AstraZeneca sped up:

“Will NIAC look again at the vaccination strategy for people aged 60 and above? Will you follow what has gone on in Britain and shorten the waiting time for the second dose? Or will you do what’s been suggested by some in the medical profession and alternatively offer a second dose which is the Pfizer vaccine for people between 60-70 years old?”

In response, Transport Minister and Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan suggested he was hesitant about further changes to the vaccination rollout, but said he would bring the ideas to the attention of the relevant experts.