Clonmel man to make another humanitarian mission to Ukraine

A Tipperary man is attempting to set up an Irish-led humanitarian medical mission in Ukraine.

Clonmel native Andrew Laste has made four trips delivering aid to the war torn nation since the Russian invasion began in 2022.

Andrew is now calling for government funding to help set up a medical response team following crisis such as the recent destruction of the Kakhovka dam which has flooded an area of over 50-miles and led to the break out of E.Coli and Cholera.

Andrew is making his fifth trip to Ukraine on Friday and gave details of his latest mission on Tipp Today this morning.

“Our next mission we are hopefully trying to receive government funding to have or implement a response team for crisis like that.

“The international response has been very slow, especially the Kherson dam incident has called for global outcry and better response teams.

“Garret Ahearn and his personal assistant Lisa have been have been so supportive and they are hoping to please God get government funding to help with our ambulance and medical missions.”