Tipp family afraid they may end up sleeping in their car

A Tipperary father is fearful his family will end up sleeping in their car after being told they must leave their emergency accommodation.

Graham King, along with his wife and two children, both of whom have autism were given a room in a hostel in Cashel after living in a tent in the North of the county for over 50 days.

He says they are still struggling to find a place to rent despite regular viewings and were told this week by the council they had to leave the hostel by next Tuesday.

Graham told Tipp FM that local councillors have been ‘useless’ in helping them secure anywhere.

“No offence to any of the councillors out there but they are useless, we have found them incredibly inept at trying to do anything. We passed on information to them looking for private landlords the case went on to the woman at the top of the housing department, we knew we weren’t entitled to social housing they had all passed the queries up the line to the wrong person. What wanted was a local councillor that maybe could help us twist the arm or a leg of a local landlord to actually get us a house on the private rental system.”

When he spoke to the council he was told that ‘this came from the top’.

He says they may just stay put in the hostel after the proposed departure date.

“We did our best with regards viewings and all that …but landlords are not willing to rent to families. At the behest of what Eoin O’Broin said we are going to sit , I am going to stay, I am going to see what happens but I have a funny feeling it could be more trouble than its worth.”