Local reps satisfied Council is beginning to tackle housing issues

Photo via canva.com.

Councilors in Cashel say they are sin the county.

While Cathaoirleach Roger Kennedy states that the lack of private construction is a major problem, he is confident that there is progress with the council set to build 80-90 houses in the town this year.

Councilor Michael Fitzgerald agrees that the council is making an effort across the county, with 9 homes being constructed on Botherclough Street in Cashel.

However, he was critical of some of the restrictions in place particularly in relation to development on backlands:
” It’s not happneing quick enough, alot of people who would like to live in the back, live in the back, we brought in stupid rules over the years about backland development and things like that. People would live in a shed , people are desperate. But, also, I think the council in fairness are doing alot of work now, they’ve bitten the bullet on it.”