Call for review of social housing income threshold

Photo courtesy of Cllr Máirín McGrath Facebook page

A local councillor says that the income threshold for social housing in Tipperary needs to be reviewed.

Cllr Mairín McGrath told Tipp FM that the cost of living crisis is making life harder for those who are just above the limit.

The Dáil is expected to make a decision on this before they break for the summer.

Councillor McGrath says the situation has become “embarrassing”

“The increase of cost of living, they’re just finding it increasingly difficult to just survive. It is embarrassing. When we look at some other local authorities they have higher income thresholds to Tipperary. That isn’t a fault of Tipperary County Council. We have addressed with the Department of Housing to increase the threshold of income that people can actually be approved for social housing supports and we haven’t got there. We have a couple of more days before the Dáil recess. I’m hopeful that it’ll come, but we’ve been waiting this long, I’m afraid to hold my breath again.”