Health Service Executive confirms special arrangement for North Tipp emergency patients

The Health Service Executive has confirmed a special arrangement
for North Tipperary emergency patients.

This follows the announcement that patients with emergency cardiological
or medical  problems will no longer be treated in Nenagh General Hospital
from September 17th.
The HSE has issued a statement confirming that between 3 and 5 beds will be available
exclusively to emergency patients from North Tipperary for three months.

The existence of this provision was revealed yesterday by Minister of State Alan Kelly
on Tipp FM.

He said that he pressed for this temporary measure to be put in place
until the Critical Care Unit is commissioned at Limerick Regional Hospital
at the end of November.

Concerns had been raised by other public representatives that pressure
on emergency beds in Limerick could mean that North Tipp patients
would have to be diverted to other acute hospitals outside the region.