Nenagh Needs its A&E question lack of oversight on health spending

A Tipperary Hospital Action Group has criticised the lack of oversight when it comes to Health spending.

Healthcare spending of €22.5bn announced in yesterday’s Budget, has already been criticised as insufficient to meet rising demand by doctors and opposition politicians.

The Irish Hospital Consultants Association said the budget won’t address the decade-long public hospital capacity deficits that are the root causes of public hospital waiting lists.

The Irish Medical Organisation described the budget as a missed opportunity to meet demand.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, Conor Reidy from the Nenagh Needs its A and E and Mid West Hospital Campaign Group says the Government needs to focus on where the existing money is actually going.

“Paschal spent a bit of time yesterday talking about what they have done and then his Department later put out a Tweet that they had to delete. It gave the impression that those 2,500 additional beds, 22,000 extra staff were forthcoming. They had to delete that because it gave the wrong impression. We’re not as concerned about new money in the Budget as we are concerned about what’s happening the existing money. Where is it going?”