McGrath says St Michael’s unit has to be brought back on line

Photo courtesy of HSE Library

Questions are being asked how the Government and HSE came up with the money to refurbish St Michael’s unit in Clonmel.

€700,000 is being spent on the facility as part of the Covid-19 response.

Deputy Mattie McGrath is one of the many politicians who have consistently sought funding to reopen St Michael’s as a mental health unit.

Speaking on Tipp Today he said it has to once again be used for its original purpose once the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

“I really think it’s a God send for St Michael’s.”

“Now it has been kitted out and it has been made usable for patients – and if it’s usable for patients with Covid it has to be usable for patients with mental health issues.”

“I think we have them on this because all the reasons they told us – ‘twas Dickensian, ‘twas this, ‘twas that. Now that it’s done it has to be opened.”