Local Family Carers manager says Budget provided a much needed boost

The Manager of Family Carers Ireland in South Tipp says the Budget has definitely improved the situation for the 6,000 or so people caring for a loved one in the county.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Richie Molloy pointed out that Family Carers are the only Social Welfare recipients that work practically 24/7 for the Carers Allowance.

However he said there were some positive announcements for the sector.

“Definitely the €400 – the lump sum they’re going to pay before Christmas – will be a help for Carers with fuel costs, heating oil and that kind of thing.

“The other positive I would see is probably that the means test that we’re often talking about – they’ve increased the disregards quite substantially this time which will mean that a lot more carers will be eligible for the Carers Allowance that would have been turned down in the past because of their partners income.”