Clonmel hospital among maternity units cited by Health Minister as failing to comply with easing of Covid restrictions

The HSE has instructed an easing of restrictions on maternity care.

However, five of the nineteen maternity units in the country, including South Tipp General in Clonmel, are not fully compliant with the measures.

The units, which also includes University Hospital Waterford and St Luke’s in Kilkenny, have cited local safety issues that are limiting pregnant women having their partners with them.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly explains all the circumstances when they should be allowed to have a partner present.

“It’s a minimum of a 30 minute visit per day. It’s the anomaly scan so 20 to 22 weeks. It’s birth – and that includes full labour including from when a woman might be induced. And it’s visits to neo-natal units.”

“So they are the four criteria that the Chief Clinical Officer has said the 19 maternity units need to facilitate unless there are local reasons where it’s not safe to do so.”