20% of children worried about having an asthma attack

Photo © Pixabay

One in ten children in Ireland have asthma according to research from the Asthma Society of Ireland.

73 percent of parents are said to be anxious because of this.

The CEO of the society, Sarah O’Connor from Tipp Town, says that worrying about your child’s condition is an awful situation.

She told Tipp Today however, that the statistics about children being worried themselves were much more alarming.

“When we asked them about their child, and concerns about their asthma, it’s not only the adult concerned about the situation.

“20% of children said they worried, always or often, about having an asthma attack.

“A similar number worried, always or often, about taking their medication in public.

“About 22% of children worried, always or often, about participating in sports, in case it triggered their asthma.

“And that I think really is quite stark, I mean always or often, that a kid is worrying, will I have an asthma attack?”

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