Moloney wants written guarantees on future of Cahir Garda station

Photo from Google Maps

The Minister for Justice is being asked to give assurances that the future of the Garda station in two south Tipp towns is secure.

Councillor Andy Moloney raised the issue at a recent meeting of the Tipperary-Cahir-Cashel Municipal District.

He is concerned that a number of recent changes in the Tipperary Division could be just the beginning of a downgrading of the force in both Cashel and Cahir.

“I’m calling on the Minister for Justice to give us a guarantee that there’ll be no changes to our District as regards the downgrading of the Cahir station. We can see with the significant changes in local policing that Cashel station is now only open for two hours a day. Are we looking at a downgrading of the Cahir station next?

“On the crossroads of Munster are we going to be without a Garda service? We have three different units in the Cahir area – we have the Roads Traffic Police, we have the Rapid Response and we have our own local Guards with the Superintendent is now operating from Clonmel.”

Cllr Moloney wants a firm commitment that there will be no further downgrading of Garda services in the Cahir District.

“With Cashel gone our sub-stations are at risk so I’m looking for the Minister for Justice to give us a guarantee that there won’t be any more downgrading of the policing in the District of Cahir – Cashel and that we will be guaranteed to hold onto our sub-stations. Because at the moment its all a bit haphazard and we need to get this sorted out. We can’t be without our service here in Cahir and that’s paramount that we try and guarantee it for the future and the Minister must put it in writing.”