Public meeting on Dualla solar farm plans

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There appears to be growing local disquiet at plans for a major solar farm in Dualla.

The proposals currently before Tipperary County Council are for a 129 hectare site running alongside the village.

Power Capital Renewable Energy Limited is the company behind the plans – they are seeking a 10 year permission for the construction of the solar PV development with an operational lifespan would be 40 years.

Local landowner Keith Barry is questioning the justification for the solar farms as a windfarm already in place in the locality is not working at full capacity.

“There’s wind turbines there they’re working at only 50% capacity – they’re there now and there’s nothing we can do about them.

“There’s battery stores, there’s air compress solutions that could make those wind turbines 90% efficient. That’s what Eamon Ryan should be doing instead of trying to divide the community between the landowners and the residents. Nobody wants to have this type of thing going on. The community would like to engage and understand but I just think Dualla has given their share.”

A public meeting is taking place in Dualla Community Hall at 7 o’clock tonight.