Goldsboro: Tipp voluntary groups struggling for funds

Imelda Goldsboro

A Tipperary councillor says action is needed to help ‘cash strapped’ voluntary groups.

Ballingarry’s Imelda Goldsboro says the energy costs facing local community halls and centres is having a crippling effect as they are being commercially charged.

She gave an example of her own community centre which at present is paying €600 every two months due to standing charges and levies.

Cllr. Goldsboro says that they are trying to stay positive but there needs to be action from the Government to remove these charges for the voluntary sector.

“All the voluntary groups are struggling, they do get support from Tipperary County Council, they do fundraise but unfortunately as the costs are going higher it is very hard to maintain them. Do look at these voluntary groups… if there is something going on in your local community centre do go out and do support it.”

She says that the cost of living crisis has made fundraising more challenging because people cannot afford to support these things at the moment.

“It’s very difficult to look for money off people with the cost of living crisis and it’s just not out there.”