Council asking people to reduce food waste this Christmas

Tipperary County Council. Photo © Tipp FM.

Tipperary County Council’s Environment Section is asking people to reduce food waste this Christmas.

My Waste has published figures to show that €700 worth of food is thrown out by families in Ireland each year.

Orla Kelly who is with the Environment and Climate Action section is urging people across the county to cut down on the volume of food they buy and prepare this festive season in order to decrease the waste.

She told Tipp FM that being creative with leftovers can be an easy way to reduce the amount that goes to the bin.

Try and use leftovers from the Christmas dinners there are great recipes that you can get online. And also freezing cooked foods and they are perfect then for a convenient meal at another time. So just to try and cut down in the first instance so there is no waste and where there is waste try to freeze or use the leftovers.”

Orla told said that if you have to throw food out you should use the correct bins.

“All food waste can go into the compost bin, and we would ask that people would use their brown bins over the Christmas period an recycle food waste that way.”