Tipp schools benefit from using coding and technology

An initiative in Tipperary primary schools has introduced more children to coding.

Last week eight schools went to Microsoft in Dublin for the inaugural Dream Space Showcase where they each demonstrated their STEM- based projects to experts.

Speaking following the experience principal of Drom National School Amadean Moore Walsh said the entire process saw children of all ages come together, and lessened the digital divide that is often present in rural locations.

She told Tipp FM that using coding and technology in a positive way has developed their social skills.

“They also had to learn how to cooperate, they had to learn how to communicate, they had to learn how to at times compromise, and problem solve, the personal skills that were developed as a result of this programme were what really astounded us, and all of the things that I have mentioned there are things that will be expected from people in the workplace. They’re all skills that we will need when we work in open work spaces in the future.”

It is hoped the programme rolled out in rural Tipperary will see more girls enter STEAM subjects also.

Amadean said during this year’s 6th class graduate one of the students really helped them see the positive impact this programme had.

“The children of 6th class spoke about heir memories of the school and one of those memories for Bella here was the Dream space Microsoft programme and that made us so proud and so delighted that we had brought it into the school, when it stood out for Bella in particular it made our day and it made our year I think when I heard that.”
Schools included:

Boher BCP V94 EY06
Boher School V94 EY06
Birdhill N.S..V94 KC95
Lackamore N.S.V94 V5D1
Kiloscully BCP V94 FK20
Drom N.S. & BCP E41 X285
Rossmore Scratchers BCP E25 D429
Rossmore N.S. E25 D429