Tipp classrooms reopen for first time in months

Thousands of children are returning to classrooms in Tipperary for the first time since before Christmas.

After almost two months of remote learning, primary schools will welcome back junior and senior infants, as well as first, second and some third class students too.

Louise Tobin is Principal of St Joseph’s Primary School in Tipp Town, which has already reintroduced classes for children with special needs in recent weeks.

She says they’re having to introduce staggered opening times this morning to avoid large gatherings at the gates.

“If the Department had decided to do Juniors, Seniors, 5th and 6th then you would just have Juniors and Seniors coming with their parents but because they’re bringing back all the junior classes I expect there will be large numbers of parents arriving to bring the young children to school.”

“So we’ve a staggered reopening and closing at 10 minute intervals for the safety of all.”

At secondary level, Leaving Cert students will also return to the classroom this morning.

Michael O’Connor is Principal of Coláiste Phobal in Roscrea.

“We’ve had our staff meetings about coming back, we’ve had our 6th Year assembly about coming back.”

“The overwhelming feeling I think is just delighted to be back and to try and make the best of it we can now within the parameters that we’re given a prepare our students for the choices they have.”