Poor building design adding to Covid concerns for teachers and pupils

A retired Tipperary teacher and former ASTI executive member says its very challenging times for all involved in education.

Noel Buckley – who taught at the Presentation in Clonmel – feels teachers, students and parents alike are under significant stress due to the impact of Covid-19.

The three teachers unions – the ASTI, TUI and INTO – have today backed a joint motion to take industrial action over the change to the vaccine rollout.

Speaking on Tipp Today Noel Buckley says older schools and class sizes combine to make from far from ideal conditions.

“Most of the schools that most teachers have to teach in there are narrow corridors where its impossible to have two-way traffic on them and maintain social distance.”

“And in a lot of classrooms – particularly Irish, English, Maths, History and Geography – what you might call the core subjects management are allowed to timetable in 30 students into those classrooms. I suppose we’re paying the price for bad building design over the years where now ventilation and space is so vital.”