Tipp Councillors call on Government to pay student nurses

Tipperary County Council has voted unanimously to call on the Health Minister and Government to pay student nurses in this academic year.

The motion was brought forward by Fine Gael representatives of the Council yesterday, who say that it’s necessary “as unpaid student nurses cannot seek part time work due to the environment they work in.”

The Government controversially voted against a People Before Profit motion earlier this month, which also called for pay for student nurses.

Fine Gael councillor Mark Fitzgerald believes their motion is worded better and will be submitted to Government for consideration.

“The Government will be looking into this situation next year but between now and then I think the student nurses who are doing superannuation for the 2020/21 academic year need some sort of pay.”

“If they’re not allowed work part time to cover their living costs then they need some sort of help from the state for that period.”