Major step forward in Tipp Town revitalisation project

Photo © Tipp FM

Funding of €100,000 has been ring fenced to recruit a full-time project manager for the revitalisation of Tipperary Town.

Tipperary County Council is to receive the money from Minister Eoghan Murphy for this year to act on recommendations from the task force set up to tackle the problems facing the West Tipp town.

Senator Garret Ahearn says it’s a huge step forward for the project.

“What Tipperary Town will now have is a project manager who will apply for funding, whether that’s through sources in Ireland or in the EU, for their town.”

“So normally what you’d see in a town when we apply for funding – Kickham Barracks (in Clonmel) would be a good example – Tipperary County Council would apply for that funding. Now we’ll have one person dedicated solely to revitalising Tipperary town.”

“And all the action that that person will take will be on the back of recommendations from the Task Force which was set up last year.”