Further criticism of Government apology for Mother and Baby Homes

Photo from Pixabay

Survivors of Sean Ross Abbey in North Tipp and other mother and baby homes have said yesterday’s formal apology ‘is not an apology.’

Breda Murphy the PRO of The Tuam Mother and Baby Home Alliance, has echoed the words of Dr Emer Quirke who was illegally adopted from Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, both expressing disappointment at Roderic O’Gorman’s words.

Breda told Tipp Today that many of them were unaware that this apology was happening and the format didn’t give an opportunity for Senators to speak on it.

She feels it should have come from the Taoiseach and that it is a political stunt to distract :

“We sat down to watch and we were disappointed to see so few who were going to speak on the issue who are Senators.”

” This is more politically driven in my opinion to take the heat off what’s happening at the moment with the National Maternity Hospital.”

” We were not aware this apology was happening.”