Tipp Gardaí call for increased numbers in the force

Photo © Pat Flynn

Dwindling numbers in the force will be raised by Tipperary Gardaí at the GRA annual conference over the coming days.

Rank and file Gardaí will gather in Killarney today and tomorrow for their 43rd delegate conference.

Among the motions before the gathering is one from the Tipperary Division which calls on the Garda Commissioner to address the serious manpower issues in Districts around the country.

Local GRA rep and Central Executive Committee member Tom Finnan says the situation has been steadily getting worse.

“Members retiring, members out with Covid.

“We did have five units before Covid – prior to the 15th of March 2020. We have four units now and we’re still being stretched.

“We’re looking for the 800 to be brought in fairly rapidly because over the last two years we haven’t reached our targets in recruitment.

“Every number we get is vital to the policing of the rural areas of Tipperary so we want as many members as we can get.”