Tipp family business targetted by thieves

Photo courtesy of Pat Toomey

A Tipperary businessman says he and his family are living in fear in the wake of the latest break-in to his premises.

Pat Toomey runs a shop in Monard near the Limerick border.

He and his family were woken by the sound of the alarm going off at around 5 o’clock last Tuesday morning.

Having initially thought it may have been due to a power cut Pat says they quickly realised that thieves were trying to gain access to the office.

“They levered out the front door – they gave the bones of 5 minutes – and then by the time they got to the next door for another office which has another alarm system.”

“The neighbours arrived very soon – they were just gone at this stage. They gave around 8 minutes on the premises. A good few cars and trucks passed and I suppose we’re trying to jog peoples memory that someone might pick up something.”

The gang involved were spotted at a number of locations in the preceding hours.

The thieves made their getaway in a distinctive 3.2 litre Kia Stryker which had been stolen in Ennis some days previously.

Speaking on Tipp Today Pat Toomey said the gang were seen in North Tipp and neighbouring counties before targeting his premises.

They were after being in Newport earlier that morning and they were in Sixmilebridge and they have footage of them going through the toll before they landed in Monard. All in the space of and hour and a quarter or an hour and 20 minutes.2

“They even stopped in Oola – they picked them up on footage they had there before they moved on again. I suppose we were the unlucky ones that morning – but like it was somebody else last night and the night before someone else.”

Anyone with information can contact Tipperary Town Gardaí on 062 51212.