Councillor calls for review of disabled parking spaces

Photo Tipp FM

A Tipperary Cllr is calling for a survey of all the disabled parking spaces to be carried out.

Fine Gael’s Declan Burgess says every parking bay in the Tipperary Cahir Cashel district needs to be reviewed to see if it meets regulations or if it needs to be upgraded.

He says the spaces are being abused and taken up by people who don’t have a disability badge.

Cllr Burgess says in some cases this could be because they are not properly marked:

“I’m looking for those kinds of works to be carried out, because I suppose a lot of people who need disability parking bays, are older people with mobility issues, disabled people – who have their blue badge for a reason. And we should not be making life more difficult for them in entering the town centres if they have business to carry out, or coming into town for social reasons or doing shopping or whatever it may be. We need to make accessibility is considered at all levels, and if that’s where we have a disabled bay, we might need a drop curve beside it.”