Renewed call for Tipp people to wear face masks

Photo from Pixabay

A Tipperary GP is urging people to step up their use of face masks as Covid-19 cases rise.

Nenagh-based Dr Pat Harrold says he’s concerned by the recent growth in cases, which has seen severe outbreaks in many settings especially meat factories.

He’s urging people to contact their doctor if they are concerned about symptoms, and is assuring people that test result waiting times are down to around 36 hours.

But he’s particularly keen to promote the use of face masks.

“I think the mast is the most holistic thing you can do – I mean if there was a tablet that did what the mask does everybody would want it. But because it’s a bit of cloth people are going ‘ah sure we can’t be doing that’.”

“But it’s simple holistic prevention – it’s a barrier. You can stick a bandana around your nose. It’ll do a lot and if everybody does it – just wear the mask.”